A healthy atmosphere in the workplace and other buildings

Through the MP Filter brand, PHOSPHORIS focuses its activity on the design of good air quality in industrial buildings, which has a major effect on reducing the rate of absenteeism at work and the well-being of occupants. or children’s learning about teaching premises.

PHOSPHORIS MP Filter acts as a single contractor, who studies, designs and manufactures industrial installations while preserving people, property and the environment from exposure to pollutants such as dust and VOCs.

The MP Filter offer is based on 3 concepts :

  • Turnkey installations
  • Specialized products of recognized brand or tailor-made
  • Services associated with the operation of buildings

Turnkey installations

PHOSPHORIS bases its concepts on the study of dust that must be collected and on the ergonomics of the workstation, to define the collection process to the closest source of pollutants.

It offers advice on :

  • The capture of pollutants at the source
  • The adjustment and regulationof the air flows involved
  • The design of energy systems for air and air compensation
  • Specialties:
    → Organo-Volatile Compounds (VOCs)

PHOSPHORIS is also designing Cleanrooms & related controlled environments and particular expertise on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It is very numerous and very varied, so it is essential to specify the exact nature, their composition, their quantity and their concentration in the gases to be treated to determine the process to be used for their treatment before discharge them into the atmosphere.

Specialized products

PHOSPHORIS is constantly on the lookout for technology and is looking for specific air pollution control products. It represents and distributes in France in particular the specialized equipment of:

  • TBH which produces mobile suction systems
  • EVO PRODUCTS for industrial vacuum cleaners and large volume stationary filtration units,
  • Alsident for the capture arms,
  • filters of its own manufacture in Spain,
  • ATEX products for explosive dust or particularly aggressive solvents.

MP Filter engineers and technicians design tailor-made solutions for capturing pollutants at the source depending on the products to be sucked and the ergonomics of the workstation.

Service Offerings

MP Filter also offers rental of mobile extraction systems for business peaks, scheduled maintenance, equipment failures, etc. thus ensuring maximum plant productivity. PHOSPHORIS supports its industrial customers in the operation of their sites.

PHOSPHORIS performs the maintenance of its facilities (cleaning, changing filters, supervision) and often includes in its scope the energy, cold, hot, and compressed air productions…

With this objective of constant improvement and efficiency, PHOSPHORIS assists the energy and sanitary audits of the ventilation and air treatment installations.


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