A healthy environment in tertiary buildings

We spend 70 to 90% of our time in an indoor environment, while enclosed spaces are 7 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air in France. Knowing that we breathe 15,000 l of air per day, our exposure to pollution is very important and the consequences of this pollution cost the State today almost 19 billion euros a year.

For these reasons, PHOSPHORIS has chosen to treat this subject seriously by integrating air quality throughout the act of building. Today we are completely dependent on ventilation systems to ensure our well-being and health. The latest studies show that over 40% of new ventilation systems are not working properly. PHOSPHORIS makes the energy performance objectives of buildings compatible with good indoor air quality.

The Air Quality expertise at PHOSPHORIS is illustrated through a good control of outdoor pollution (atmospheric pollution, soil pollution), therefore of the environment and a study of potential sources of indoor pollution (materials, use, occupancy rate …) in order to recommend and design the most suitable solutions.

Our Chemical Engineer specializing in the field and our Fluid-Thermal Engineers work collaboratively to provide the best solutions.

PHOSPHORIS supports you according to the regulations and certifications. Our teams are continuously trained to best meet your needs.

A complete and adapted offer


Support to the client in taking into account regulatory requirements, certifications and labels.


  • Choice of materials and optimization of ventilation systems

  • Modelization

  • Calculation of curative air treatment solutions


  • Site and impact study
  • Large scale modeling
  • Establishment of an air quality plan for the construction or renovation of a building
  • Support to the client in taking into account regulatory requirements, certifications and labels.


  • Audit and monitoring of indoor air quality

  • Support for HQE certification

  • Support for the implementation of an action plan, crisis management, etc.


  • Monitoring of air quality, dust emissions
  • Training and awareness of companies in the right actions

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For more information or personalized advice, our IAQ Development Manager and Environmental Engineer is available by phone, Monday to Friday, at +33 6 49 25 87 53.