Ensuring coherence between the various trades


  • The Online blue print storage (All project data are available on a centralized computer server very quickly by all involved).
  • The Computer Documents Exchange Service (documents of ongoing operations)

The technical synthesis studies aim to ensure the coherence in space of the structure elements of all trades. This work is done on computer, overlaying all plans made by companies (plumbing, electricity, air conditioning …).

Thus, the conflicts (inconsistencies) between the different plans are highlighted and a solution can be found during the synthesis meetings. These synthetic studies cover all technical trades based on the architect’s plans and are made in 2D or 3D.

Technical synthesis studies have many advantages:

  • Faster startup of execution of the studies,
  • Arbitrating conflicts between the various parties involved in the execution of the work,
  • To reduce the risks of slippage of costs and delays due to the execution studies,
  • Ensure a good coordination of the studies of Project management.