The PHOSPHORIS Group, a set of sustainable expertises

The PHOSPHORIS group operates as a Laboratory whose objective is to improve the living environment.

Its deep conviction is that change must be made at the global level. This is why PHOSPHORIS works together with the actors who will make the regulations and standards of tomorrow, and thus participates in spreading its philosophy that a more responsible and less energy consuming engineering is possible.

In an integrated approach to sustainable development, PHOSPHORIS offers a particular and complete vision in a process of environmentally friendly projects. The Group is able to provide missions at all stages of the construction process: programming, project management assistance, project management and operational monitoring.

The Group is developing along two lines:

  • Energy efficiency and multi-technical engineering through the PHOSPHORIS Engineering brand.
  • Air pollution control and air quality management in industrial environments through the MP Filter brand.
Pôle Environnemental d'Auxerre

PHOSPHORIS Engineering

PHOSPHORIS Engineering is an engineering and consulting company created in 2014 which is organized around 6 agencies including its specialized subsidiary, the ALAIN GARNIER Design Office. It focuses mainly on energy and fluids, but also on air quality in the service industry.
PHOSPHORIS Engineering it operates on various subjects such as energy audits, diagnoses, opportunity or feasibility studies, regulatory studies, feasibility studies on energy supply resources, pre-project, project and execution studies. The company can intervene as:
• Consulting or technical assistant,
• Project manager assistant,
• Project manager,
• Project manager of execution,
• Design office of execution and synthesis.


PHOSPHORIS MP Filter is an expert in the depollution of workstations and the IAQ in industrial environments. Thanks to its experience, it is a recognized partner that has been studying, designing and building industrial air treatment installations for over 20 years, protecting people, the environment and machines from exposure to pollutants such as dust and VOCs.
PHOSPHORIS’ Air Quality expertise is illustrated through a good control of the outside pollution, thus of the environment, and a study of potential sources of inside pollution (materials, use, occupancy rate…) in order to recommend and design the most adapted solutions.

Today, the field of action of PHOSPHORIS MP Filter is based on 3 expertises:
• Turnkey installations,
• Specialized products,
• Services.

MP Filter