Imagine innovative and ecological concepts and have them implemented

BE Alain Garnier

PHOSPHORIS imagines concepts by looking for:

  • Effective and reliable technical equipment;
  • Efficient systems, in particular by air carrier;
  • Integration into the building of such equipment and systems;
  • bioclimatic architecture of buildings valuing natural light and buffer volumes;
  • The implementation of energy solutions on a district scale.

Specialized in climatic engineering (Fluids, Energy and HQE), Phosphoris is recognized more specifically for its innovations regarding:

For this area, Phosphoris relies on the expertise of the Alain Garnier Design Office. Founded in 1982 in Reims (France) by Alain Garnier, he joined the Phosphoris group in 2014.

There are different types of studies: Energy audit, diagnostic, opportunity or feasibility study, regulatory studies or feasibility study on energy supply resources, pre-project, project and execution studies.

We supervise the projects we have designed, including training and taking part in functional analyzes, or tests and adjustments.

If it is a “low consumption” project type, we are able to calculate the performance indicators, to set up measurers to monitor them and to prescribe corrective measures during the follow-up campaign.

Organization in 4 expertises and shared means of production :

  • The Tertiary Department includes Buildings such as Offices, Shopping Centers and Administrative or Leisure Buildings.
  • The Housing Department includes Buildings for Residential and Hospitality.
  • The Specialties Department includes industrial buildings, healthcare facilities (dust-controlled room like operating theater), data centers and swimming pools.
  • The Eco-neighborhood Department brings together the buildings of a neighborhood designed in its entirety, in an overall recovery of energy management approach to heat by consuming less.
Centre aquatique de Saint Bonnet en Champsaur

Aquatic Centre of Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (France) with Texlon transparent roof