Among these collaborators, PHOSPHORIS and its subsidiary, Alain Garnier Design Office, are committed to sustainable development and energy efficiency, close to PHOSPHORIS Design & Architecture.

It is the passion and a common vision of architecture that motivated the partners of PHOSPHORIS D&A to imagine this atypical union. Indeed, it is through multiple collaborations that the links were forged. Engaged in various projects, they have chosen, in 2019, to pool their respective know-how and experience. A common goal : excellence !

MP Filter : Un environnement sain sur le lieu de travail

The founders of the agency have developed a strong sensitivity to sustainable development, architectural rigor, creativity and innovation.

The PHOSPHORIS D&A team is composed of multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan architects who benefit from a recognized experience in the design, realization and monitoring of projects.

The integration, upstream, of a performance engineering vision produces a more thoughtful and total architecture. Indeed, thanks to its shareholding, the PHOSPHORIS D&A team can rely on the 40 engineers that make up the PHOSPHORIS Group. This holistic architecture is the condition to keep a freedom of creation and a control of the construction process. This particular approach to quality is found in the attention to detail and the precision of its implementation.

The implementation of an internal charter A2E (Architecture, Ecology and Economy), developed on all our projects, includes all the targets of the HQE approach under a simpler classification :


Harmonious relationship of the building, visual comfort, acoustic comfort, olfactory comfort, sanitary quality of spaces, sanitary quality of air


Use of healthy materials, sanitary air quality, energy management, water management, waste management, integrated choice of construction products and processes, waste management, and end-of-life management


Choice of products and construction processes, maintenance and upkeep, energy management

Rehabilitation & Extension of the Vallée Sud head office

Energy renovation of Sedan’s aquatic center