Associations, networks, etc.

Phosphoris is a leading and innovative player in its fields of expertise such as energy, city and sustainable construction, etc.. It is aware of the latest techniques / regulations / trends in these sectors. For this, it relies in particular on:

Data and Telecom center operators comitees

The purpose of the association is to enable its members to set up think-tanks, workshops, exchanges, communication and representation with third parties on various subjects mainly aimed at the operation of Data Centers, and Telecom Centers. It aims to bring together and structure the professionals in charge of operating the physical infrastructures of the IT or Telecom Centers.

Construction 21

Born of a European project, the platform relies on the dynamics of social networks to disseminate information and good practices by accelerating exchanges between practitioners, institutions, researchers and teachers in the sector. Construction21 is both a collaborative platform and an information portal for sustainable construction and city professionals.



Created in 1995, Archinov offers a place of reflection and debate to all those who think that innovation is a shared adventure. Its actions are always guided by the need for interprofessional exchanges conducive to creativity.

  • Conduct a dialogue with public and private partners, based on exchanges between architects, researchers, project managers and other professionals to better articulate research and practice and reflect together using the uses of innovation.
  • To make known by disseminating knowledge to the professionals the results and implications of the most important research (publication, training …)


The Union of Enterprises for Energy Efficiency and Ecology (U4E) brings together large French industrial companies – European and world leaders in their sectors (electrical equipment, energy generation and management, environmental services, construction materials, Etc.) actively present on Russian territory. They promote energy efficiency in this rapidly evolving market, creating favorable conditions for regulation and the development of new technologies.