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Cerway HQE

Driven by its international ambition and its desire to diffuse the principles of bioclimatic engineering, PHOSPHORIS has several CERWAY HQE referents in its teams.

One of the essential characteristics of this certification is its flexibility: it is adaptable to all regulatory, climatic and local contexts. It is a strength when the project is located on a new territory and therefore for PHOSPHORIS, which currently develops its activities in Russia and China inter alia, and which is a pioneer of French High Environmental Quality in these regions.

The certification process Cerway HQE is integrated in a more global process that Phosphoris develops internationally divided into 2 areas of intervention: ecology & comfort consulting, and bioclimatic engineering. Indeed, PHOSPHORIS’ experts are present at every stage of the project (conception, existing buildings, operation) to recommend concepts and systems that consume less energy at different scales (buildings such as housing and offices, energy-intensive buildings such as Datacenters and Aquatic Centers, and more generally the Eco-neighborhood).

With its expertise and its projects in France, PHOSPHORIS is a dynamic player international. Its chosen field: sustainable cities, involving new technologies (Smart City) and sustainable development.

Specializing in HQE and energies and relying on partners of the sustainable city “à la française” such as the Vivapolis network, PHOSPHORIS supports its customers as a Project Manager Assistant in the development of energy master plans often complementary to technological developments in IT.

Its innovative ideas on the use of the fatal energies of the Data Centers as a heating source for housing buildings or offices nearby, or Photovoltaic enabling some buildings to be self-sufficient, are examples of the synergies created on a district or city scale.

Eco-neighborhood Franco-Sichuanese project of Chengdu (China)