From construction to operation of the building

The objective of PHOSPHORIS is to use as soon as possible renewable energies (RE), in particular photovoltaic, solar thermal, mini-wind and geothermal energy. The ultimate goal is to achieve self-consumption: the energy design office then proposes the best solution according to the natural resources available in the project environment and the building’s needs.

Installation photovoltaïque à Sourdun

Solar photovoltaic power plant, Sourdun, FRANCE

Following the acquisition of TOP BIS, an energy design office, PHOSPHORIS advises building owners on their energy strategy and proposes solutions to optimize energy consumption:

  • Audit (HVAC, plumber and electricity installation) and Energy monitoring,
  • Assisting Missions to Industry (Particularly in the Agri-Food and Perfumery sector):
    → Overall approach of energy consumption control in buildings,
    → Reflective use of energy and energy diversification to exceed the targets set by the environmental round table.
Suivi des énergies OPTIS