PHOSPHORIS, your bioclimatic design office

The design studies are based on a combination of bioclimatic architecture and efficient systems to obtain a low or even positive energy building: it produces the energy it needs to be self-sufficient and its environmental impact is minimal. If it produces more than it consumes, the energy can be stored, redistributed to the grid or used for external purposes (electric bicycle charging stations, other buildings, etc.).

In concrete terms, what are the bioclimatic principles?

The selection of materials, the geographical orientation or the use of renewable energies best suited to the direct environment of the project are all bioclimatic principles available to the designer. They result in the guarantee of a better airtightness (reducing heat loss), a better indoor air quality (humidity control), and a sunlight allowing to benefit from both heat and natural light.

When PHOSPHORIS concentrates, by virtue of the mission entrusted to it, its interventions on fluid engineering, it is always integrated into a global reflection of project management for all building trades.

The heart of PHOSPHORIS’ expertise lies in its work as a bioclimatic design office: intervening at the beginning of a project is essential to give a sustainable aspect to the future building.

Turnkey and customized eco-responsible solutions

Engineers from the PHOSPHORIS design office implement a range of eco-responsible solutions to achieve the energy performance requirements desired by the client. This can include concrete objectives for water consumption, electricity consumption, etc., as well as the achievement of levels in HQE-type certifications with a view to obtaining a label, based on larger-scale technical criteria (project management, societal impact, etc.) but also human criteria such as user comfort, accessibility, etc.

Bioclimatic design of the Aqualudic Center project - Swimming pool and ice rink of Reims

Bioclimatic design of the Aqualudic Center project – Swimming pool and ice rink of Reims

Visual: Marc MIMRAM (architectural firm)