A word from the president



PHOSPHORIS, Engineers and architects, actors of sustainable development in France and abroad.


The objective of the company project developed in 2013 and started operationally between 2014 and 2015 was to create an Engineering and associated services company, specialized in Energy Efficiency and Air Quality. This project, called PHOSPHORIS 2020, was to see the emergence of a company expert in these two fields with a strong ambition: to export this “in-house” and French engineering throughout the world.
I am still convinced, 5 years after having undertaken this Project, that France in particular (and Europe in general) will be in a slight recession for decades to come for structural reasons. At the same time, European directives and French regulations are regularly pushing our engineering companies to be more efficient, placing them among the very first in the world, especially on environmental issues.
It is therefore logical that PHOSPHORIS, through its business project PHOSPHORIS 2020, has developed its two areas of expertise from its natural zone, FRANCE, and has exported them to geographical areas where the economic dynamism is stronger: with the creation of PHOSPHORIS MOROCCO as a gateway to Africa and the activities established internationally in CHINA and RUSSIA.


This successful international positioning confirmed that the PHOSPHORIS Group was recognized for its expertise in sustainable development.
Along the way, PHOSPHORIS has established capital and commercial partnerships to be able to respond to all contemporary demands and issues.
Its organization has logically moved towards the constitution of 3 poles: Consulting, Engineering and Architecture.
The PHOSPHORIS 2025 Project will allow us to consolidate and strengthen this organization in terms of expertise such as air quality, technical programming and architecture, while improving customer proximity.


These two years 2020 and 2021 can be summarized for the World in one word: COVID-19 and its economic and social consequences.


Some large groups have started to downsize in FRANCE by the thousands: AIRBUS, RENAULT, IBM, NOKIA, DANONE… The CHR (Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants) sector has been particularly affected, as have all the sectors linked to tourism and culture.
The country’s level of debt has exceeded what was previously imagined, and the debt created at the corporate level by the PGE (state-guaranteed loans) can only be repaid over a long period of time.
PHOSPHORIS first completed its five-year project PHOSPHORIS 2020 with this first containment and launched PHOSPHORIS 2025 under the same conditions!

The activity has been strongly impacted for 2 years:

– firstly, the execution studies because the new operations have been slow to come into being,

– the indoor air quality business of PHOSPHORIS MP FILTER because the factories were also closed during the first containment and today, the most important ones continue to remote jobs,

design studies impacted by the drop in public orders,

– CHINA which did not open in 2021.

PHOSPHORIS has held on because of the quality of its employees and because the group’s internationalization strategy has begun to bear fruit: Leroy Merlin, Saint Gobain and the “French Village” concept in RUSSIA, the Wuhan eco-district in CHINA.
It is highly likely that we will be able to continue to set up “French Villages” in Central Asia.
It should also be noted that, despite the difficulties encountered, the PHOSPHORIS group has been able to build up during this period of crisis, notably through its partnership with the company LEICHT FRANCE.

It was important to be able to propose a complete offer to the project owners (fluid and structural/façade engineering), not so much to present itself as a generalist engineering company as to propose a technical, innovative and multidisciplinary offer.
LEICHT France is an engineering company that corresponds to PHOSPHORIS in the field of special structures and facades: it is international, combines design studies with execution studies and reserves a significant part of its expenses for innovation.
It was also important to provide PHOSPHORIS Architects with a sister company working on the national territory and thus create a more stable Architecture division, less subject to the temporal vagaries of international orders and ready to take up the challenges abroad, because it is more structured.


In summary, and very clearly, PHOSPHORIS will have resisted this crisis by its internationalization and will have emerged stronger by the constitution of a group around it.


The new PHOSPHORIS 2025 Company Project is based on our current expertise (Energy, Indoor Air Quality, Structures and Facades), on expertise under development (modeling and circular economy in particular), and on our specificities which are R&D and the association of Engineers and Architects.

The French government has chosen to boost the economy through ecology. Out of 100 billion euros, 30 billion are dedicated to it.

There is no doubt that PHOSPHORIS, as a contributor to the ecological transition, will benefit directly and indirectly from this plan: the energy renovation of Buildings, the decarbonization of Industry, the development of green Hydrogen, the massive investment plan in health represents, indeed, many opportunities.

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