Eco-neighborhood department

Buildings of a neighborhood conceived in its entirety, in an overall development process

Seize the opportunities to heat up with less energy: take advantage of the implementation of activities producing a lot of fatal energy – data centers, shopping malls … – or having excess power in heat or cold production.

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The Eco-district department aims to foster a new way of designing, building, evolving and managing the city. It covers all aspects of sustainable development: water, waste, biodiversity, mobility, energy sobriety and renewable energies, density and urban forms, eco-construction …

Focus on the TFNA Eco-Neighborhood of Chengdu (China):

The eco-district France-Sichuan (about 1200 mu, or 80 hectares) is composed of a combination of French cultural elements based on the development of many fields: science and technology, trade, culture, Education, health, housing, etc.

With l’Agence Française, Phosphoris has proposed a system of transport and soft mobility, energies (including ENR) and water are managed at the neighborhood level, an HQE approach is followed.