Specialties Department​

Buildings of Industrial, Health, Data Centers and Swimming Pools.

This department groups together “special” buildings requiring special expertise because they are large consumers of energy.

It is therefore a matter of finding energy saving solutions while ensuring the proper functioning of the installations.

Discover our other projects:

The Auxerre Hospital Center project (France):

As part of an expansion project, the Auxerre hospital center commissioned the Design Office Alain Garnier for the design and execution of fluid works.

The specificity of this project is the presence of operating rooms: recently modified hospital standards have specific requirements for ISO 7 classes (filtration class, brewing rate) in order to obtain a controlled atmosphere.
This project involves the rehabilitation of a part of the buildings and the construction of an extension.

The Aquatic Center of Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (France):

The innovation of this eco-friendly swimming pool is the combination of a bioclimatic architecture and energy productions. The use, on the one hand, of an architecture based on insolation and sunlight, and on the other hand of methods of energy production such as Free Chilling and the recovery of “rejection heat” alowed the A. Garnier Design Office to divide energy expenditure by 2.