Tertiary Department

Offices, Shopping Centers and Administrative or Leisure Buildings

PHOSPHORIS applies to all its design and renovation tertiary projects the principle of eco-efficiency, that is to go beyond the regulations to minimize energy consumption to obtain passive energy buildings (BEPAS) or positive energy buildings (BEPOS). This includes the use of renewable energies and the reuse of fatal energy from utilities.

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One Nation Shopping Center project (France):

Shopping centers have, in general, significant energy needs (occupations, importance of artificial lighting, etc.). More particularly, the energy consumption associated with the air conditioning is considerable (even in winter) and even higher than the heating.

The Alain Garnier Design office has therefore sought a way to reduce the consumption of this device by choosing to set up groups of production of chilled water to operate in free-chilling.

This method makes it possible to produce cold by using the temperature difference with the outside in order to carry out a natural cooling, and this without turning on the compressors.

Centre commercial One Nation - vue d'ensemble

Architect: Architecte AWO