Renewable and recovered energies (RE&R)​

Recovery can also be considered as an alternative energy source. Here are some examples of fatal energy from utilities:

  • Recovered energy from waste incinerators,
  • Waste heat from companies or other buildings (data centers, swimming pools, etc.),
  • The energy lost on the condensers of refrigeration units or absorption machines (rejection heat),
  • The energy lost on the flue gases of all types of burners (water boiler, steam boiler, etc.),
  • The energy lost on the extracted air at the level of the ventilation of the premises,
  • The energy not recovered on the installations resulting from cogenerations, etc.

Towards passive energy buildings

These energies are particularly useful at the district level where exchanges between buildings can be enhanced by associating buildings with different uses: for example, the heat generated by the servers of a Data Center can be used to heat a residential building. In other words, it becomes a passive energy building.

Within the same building, it is possible to reuse the rejection heat from the absorption machines to preheat the fresh air of the office air handling unit. Provided that it does not lose its internal heat thanks to an optimal insulation, a building can ensure its level of comfort by valorizing the energies produced.

It is a question of making the most of an energy considered as negative for one activity to the benefit of another by complementarity.

Renewable energies are at the heart of the energy strategy of PHOSPHORIS projects: our teams, after feasibility studies, choose the most suitable energy source(s).

Examples of renewable energies and recovery (RE&R) that can be used:

  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic,
  • Geothermal energy, which uses the earth’s heat for heating and electricity production,
  • Biomass, energy produced from organic matter of plant origin or biogas,
  • Heating networks, powered by renewable energies or recovered heat,
  • Free-cooling and free-chilling, for natural air conditioning,
  • Recovery of waste water from buildings, swimming pools, or processes, etc.
Hangar avec toiture Photovoltaïque

Shed with Photovoltaic roof​