For all types of packages: HVAC, electricity, plumbing etc.

Building Information Modeling

  • Design simplification
  • Anticipation of technical synthesis
  • Improved readability of the structure
  • Faster startup of the execution studies,
  • Arbitrating conflicts between the various parties involved in the works,
  • To reduce the risks of slippage of costs and delays due to the execution studies,
  • Ensure a good coordination of the Project Manager studies.

Under the brand Exis, Phosphoris bring its concept ideas to the construction with an approach coherent and coordinated based on the model Revit. Nowadays, in France and abroad, the MEP engineering is a strategic development point.

Phosphoris is also able to use most BIM softwares (REVIT, NOVA, PLANCAL, TRNSYS).

The BIM technology (short for Building Information Modeling) is a new way to design a building because it allows you to manage all the knowledge (design, fluids, plumbing, etc.) in a single software. As a result, projects are better controlled in terms of costs, and upstream data assembly reduces unexpected problems when the construction process begins.

Example of a project: Construction of an office building in Rueil Malmaison

By 2018, most orders for public buildings will have to be made in the BIM format, in order to integrate European regulations.