Capture, suction and ventilation solutions, etc.

Through each project, PHOSPHORIS seeks to reconcile energy and environment. It bases its concepts on the study of dust that must be collected and on the ergonomics of the workstation, to define the collection process to the closest source of pollutants.

More information on www.mpfilter.fr (French only)

PHOSPHORIS offers advice on:

  • The collection of pollutants at the source
  • The adjustment and regulation of the air flows involved
  • The design of energy systems for air and air compensation.

PHOSPHORIS is also designing Cleanrooms & related controlled environments and particular expertise on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It is very numerous and very varied, so it is essential to specify the exact nature, their composition, their quantity and their concentration in the gases to be treated to determine the process to be used for their treatment before discharge them into the atmosphere.