Alternative energy-saving solution to air-conditioning​

Today, the use of Free-Chilling by PHOSPHORIS stands for:

  • Energy savings of 20 to 60% depending on the case and therefore a reduction in the energy bill for a wide variety of buildings,
  • Increasing the life service of the refrigeration unit (which is in fact less solicited) and reducing the maintenance requirements of the equipment,
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint (removal of highly toxic refrigerants),
  • More comfort for the occupants (the temperature increase of the chilled water makes it possible to better regulate the ambient temperature).
Picto Free-chilling

The Free-Chilling concept is based on the natural phenomenon of cooling the air passing through a net of water.

The heat transferred to the water causes evaporation. The water molecules gradually passing into the vapor state cause a decrease in the air temperature.

By using the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature of a building, air conditioning is naturally achieved by outside cold.

Principe du Free-chilling

Why alternative solutions to air conditioning?

  • Air conditioning is a very important source of energy consumption,
  • It uses recognized polluting refrigerants,
  • No recycling of materials is possible,
  • The air conditioning needs are exponential because of the “thermos bottle” phenomenon:
    • Better insulation of buildings,
    • Increased glazed areas,
    • Multiplication of electronic devices (computers, telephones, etc.)