What is the Sustainable City?

PHOSPHORIS designs sustainable construction solutions for cities and territories. Its areas of expertise are sustainable cities and eco-districts, combining the new technologies of the Smart City and the ecological transition. PHOSPHORIS imagines the city of tomorrow as being more resilient, more respectful of health and more intelligent. Since its beginnings in 2014, PHOSPHORIS has worked its projects around green energy and bioclimatic architecture, becoming thus a relevant actor for the sustainable city, nationally and internationally.

Sustainable City: Building the green cities of tomorrow

Building the Green Cities of Tomorrow

PHOSPHORIS has illustrated its expertise for the sustainable city through some ambitious projects: 

  • The Baikal project, a French tourist eco-village in the Mount Mamay Valley, Russia. It is a project that aims to be exemplary in sustainable development with a HQE International label and a high-level E+C-, this mountain village of alpine style will include a luxury hotel, a shopping mall & a 4 seasons a ski resort;
  • The « House of the Environnement” in Auxerre, France. The building, built in a flood zone, is built on stilts to take advantage of its topography. The gardens cover more than two thirds of the plot and become a melting pot of biodiversity in the plains of the Yonne;
  • The Tianfu New Area, an eco-district located in Chengdu, China. In partnership with l’Agence Française, PHOSPHORIS was able to design this “French-style” eco-district. The project is composed of six major functional categories: industrial office parks, shopping centers with a French-style street, French educational institutions, a French residential community, a riverside recreation area, and a lavender-themed park;
  • Installation and commissioning of solar panels and a wind turbine at the Dumon d’Urville base, in Antarctica.
Smart City by PHOSPHORIS

To design a sustainable city, PHOSPHORIS applies its expertise in 7 different fields:

Écoconstruction & Reconstruction

Eco-construction & Reconstruction

Build with a global vision by anticipating the technical and spatial flexibility of buildings, relying on the circular economy to promote low-carbon buildings and drive the energy transition.

Qualité de l’Air Extérieur & Intérieur

Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality

Define the most at-risk areas, implement appropriate solutions for the reduction of air pollution and the improvement of air quality.

Énergie et Eau

Energy and Water

Build energy efficient buildings, exchange energy between buildings, use renewable energy, recover rainwater.



Reduce the amount of waste through reuse, recycling and recovery, learn composting techniques.



Enhance natural areas and plant heritage that consume CO2 (greenhouse gases).



Deploye very high-speed broadband, as well as networks of connected objects (urban furniture) to connect buildings and infrastructures.



Favour green mobility (walking, cycling, public transport), favour parking lots outside the neighborhood.

Which software to design a sustainable city?

To implement its expertise for the cities of tomorrow, PHOSPHORIS has developed a unique software, ValEnTis, allowing to simulate and compare the energy consumption of different buildings according to several modes of energy production and thus to valorize the energy on a territory scale:

Logiciel pour la ville durable : ValEnTis

It is possible today to reduce energy consumption on a building scale, but what is the possible energy interaction between two buildings? Can we centralize productions? How can renewable and recovered energies (RE&R) be valorized at the scale of the neighborhood? ValEnTis is a software that allows to simulate and compare the energy consumption of different buildings according to several modes of energy production and thus to valorize the Energy at the scale of a Territory.

Modélisation avec le logiciel ValEnTis

Modeling of the Phosphorium located in the ZAC (= concerted development zone) of Charenton-Bercy by the ValEnTis software.

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