Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Hospitals and health care facilities are institutions dedicated to the care and recovery of sick people. The most fragile people are welcomed in these buildings and are very sensitive to the risks related to a bad quality of the air. Hospitals and health establishments allow the sick people to recover their health. For that, the treatment of the air is essential so that the airborne pollutants do not worsen the pathologies of the patients.

Risk areas in hospitals and health care facilities are well identified and treated in terms of air quality management: patient rooms at risk, operating theatres, etc. However, for economic reasons, waiting rooms, circulation areas or even traditional accommodation areas are often neglected. Yet, the risk is just as important there, especially during a pandemic.

PHOSPHORIS designs turnkey solutions to treat the air in neglected areas within a hospital containing a high risk of air contamination. We quickly install air treatment systems allowing the negative pressure of the areas evaluated as at risk.

Auxerre Hospital Center.

Auxerre Hospital Center / MICHEL REMON / ARCHITECTE(S) / PHOSPHORIS BE A. Garnier Design Office / 3IA.

Air Quality diagnosis and measurements

  • Indoor air quality measurements: point or continuous measurements using sensors: particles, CO2, volatile organic compounds, formaldehydes, allergens, etc.
  • Assessment of ventilation efficiency.

Design/Execution of air handling systems

  • Design study of air handling systems with the double competences climatic engineering and air quality chemistry
  • Execution study and turnkey engineering
  • Prescription of air purification equipment
  • Monitoring of the construction site and implementation
  • Optimization of existing systems and negative pressure in risk areas
  • Capture of pollutants at the source.

Air Quality modeling

  • Assessment of the risk of airborne contamination
  • Assessment of the dispersion of pollutants and airborne particles
  • Indoor Thermodynamic simulation/CFD study to visualize dead zones in terms of air renewal and thermal discomfort zones.

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