Office Buildings

With the growing need to integrate health into real estate management and to provide a work environment that combines environment and performance, office property management is evolving through more flexible, horizontal or diffuse models.

Unoccupied office space is a net loss for a property manager. The causes of a company’s departure can be multiple: odor, discomfort, decrease in productivity, important absenteeism, too high sanitary risk. The latest studies show that in France, more than 40% of new ventilation systems do not work properly. Today, the office is undergoing a major transformation with new concepts such as quality of life at work, reversibility and optimization of energy consumption.

In order to accompany real estate actors, PHOSPHORIS works on customized solutions for indoor air quality management.













Amiral Bruix office building.


Environmental project management assistance

• Support for the environmental certification of buildings under construction or renovation: HQE, BREEAM, WELL, BBCA
• Support for the environmental certification of buildings in operation: WELL, OsmoZ, BREEAM in Use
• Counseling on the choice of materials according to the impact on air quality and the carbon impact of the building (Life-cycle assessment/IAQ).

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Air Quality diagnosis and measurements

• Indoor air quality measurements and analysis: spot or continuous measurements with sensors: fine particles, CO2, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, allergens, etc.
• Odor and mold diagnostics with our air quality chemists
• Assessment of ventilation efficiency with our HVAC experts
• Study of the transfer of pollution from one or more sources to a sensitive area.

Design/Execution of air handling systems

 • Design study of air handling systems with the dual competence of climate engineering and air quality chemistry

• Execution study and turnkey engineering
• Prescription of air purification equipment
• Monitoring of construction and implementation
• Optimization of existing systems.

Air Quality Modeling

• Air Quality and Urban Heat Island Assessment of Lot Splitting
• Study of the impact of a project on the prevailing winds on the structure of a building
• Assessment of the dispersion of pollutants within a neighborhood
• Indoor Thermodynamic simulation/CFD study to visualize the dead zones in terms of air renewal and the zones of thermal discomfort.

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