Building the Healthy cities of tomorrow

In order to improve the air quality for the sustainable city, PHOSPHORIS defines the most at-risk areas, designs adapted solutions for the reduction of air pollution and consequently improve the air quality (AQ). To take into account the air quality, it is necessary to study all the sources of pollution in order to act to limit the emissions of pollutants.
Les sources de polluants à l’échelle du bâtiment

Outdoor air pollution: Outdoor air (Dust PM2.5, PM10, Combustion gases, etc.).

Building products and furniture: Coatings and Furniture (Formaldehyde, VOCs, Mold).

Air treatment systems: Insufficient flow rates, poorly or not maintained networks, dusting.

Human activities: Organic waste (CO2, Bacteria), Textiles (cold tobacco), Cleaning, maintenance of premises (Dust, VOCs), Copiers, printers (Ozone, VOCs), Carpets and rugs (Dust, VOCs, Dust mites).

Soil pollution: Radon, pollution from former human activities.

PHOSPHORIS’ AQ expertise

Air quality must be integrated in a coordinated manner at each stage of the project, whether it be upstream during preliminary studies, project management or operational monitoring.
Today, health must be put back at the heart of construction and urban planning projects.


Greenhouse gases and pollutants

Air flow

Heat islands

Situational analysis




Pollutants sources


Project Management Assistance Health IAQ

Project Management Assistance Well certification


Pollutants sources



Monitoring of pollutants

Les Études Préalables

The Preliminary Studies

  1. Initial diagnosis of the Air Quality;
  2. Modeling of pollutants dispersion and urban heat islands (UHI);
  3. Air Quality forecasting and impact of infrastructures on pollutants dispersion.

In order to support the project owner and the contractor, with the help of pollutants emission data, PHOSPHORIS has tools allowing the modeling of these parameters.

The Project Management

  1. Project Management Assistance (Consulting) Health IAQ;
  2. Project Management Assistance WELL Building Standard (Well Accredited Professional: WELL AP).

PHOSPHORIS accompanies you and helps you to design spaces that respect the health of the occupants and to better take into account air quality and health in construction projects.

La Maîtrise d’Œuvre
Le Suivi d'Exploitation

The Monitoring of Operations

  1. Monitoring of Air Quality in Establishments Receiving the Public (ERP Regulation);
  2. Measurements and Monitoring of pollutants;
  3. Identification of the pollutions (Active and Passive Measures);
  4. Technical audit of air treatment installations.

In order to accompany the managers of establishments, PHOSPHORIS has a team of engineers specialized in Indoor Air Quality and technicians.


Our Air Quality Community



PHOSPHORIS is a member of the scientific council of FIMEA, which means “Interprofessional Federation of Atmospheric Environment Professions”, whose main mission is to preserve the health of citizens by improving air quality. The company leads the Air Quality and COVID-19 Working Groups.


The association “Architecture et Maîtres d’Ouvrage” (Architecture and Project Owners) stimulates debates, undertakes studies, leads working groups and participates in various awareness and training actions. PHOSPHORIS is the Air Quality referent.


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