A. Garnier Design Office, representative of the winning team of the Charenton-le-Pont Swimming Pool Rehabilitation Project

The swimming pool Telemaco Gouin was built in the 1960s, later enriched with a gymnasium and an ice rink, to make what is today’s sports complex located in the heart of the city of Charenton-le-Pont.

The sports pools, learning and diving pool accumulate about 2,400 m² of water for the greatest pleasure of the local swimmers.

The need for a major rehabilitation of the technical facilities led the city to launch this project to modernize the pool. These works aim to optimize the space and improve the comfort of users (including air quality, lighting and acoustics) but especially to sustain the building by reducing water and energy consumption. The technical aspects were therefore at the heart of the concerns, motivating the choice of the team led by a design office rather than an architect: the recognized expertise and numerous references in the field of aquatic centers of BE A. Garnier have convinced the city of Charenton-le-Pont.

This team, led by BE A. Garnier (representative) who will ensure the cohesion of technical studies in the design phase, is also composed of:

  • ARCHITECTE (S) for Architectural Studies
  • AMO SERVICES for the follow-up of works
  • CETIS for Structure
  • SOIL PROGRESS for Geotechnical
  • And CPC for the Economy of Construction

Together, they proposed a project based on advanced technical proposals, including the use of thermodynamic dehumidifiers and diatomaceous earth filters.

Architectural aspects have also been optimized:

Today the access is made by a simple staircase leading to the basement of the market: the architectural project provides for the creation of a more visible entrance from the outside.

Sketches : Romain VIAULT (Architect)