Auxerre “House of the Environment”

This building is a place of awareness and education that reflects the environmental policy of the region, with a showcase area for the reduction of energy consumption and renewable energy. Premises of 886 m² will be accompanied by 2,700 m² of educational garden.

Ultra-innovative in the Yonne area, the Environmental Center of Auxerrois focuses on the collaborative ways of working in the innovation economy to attract and welcome young talents. In this flexible work environment, they will find shared services, support, human, technical, material and intellectual resources.

The project, due to be delivered in late 2018, has already won the 2016 Citizen Energy Award and a Positive Energy territorial government call for Projects for Green Growth.

PHOSPHORIS Engineering has been responsible for the design and project management of HVAC, plumbing and sanitary, electricity and the application of the principles of High Environmental Quality. Its role also includes green technologies:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Water-Water heat pump
  • Passive building

Pictures: Romain VIAULT – ARCHITECTE(S) agency

Client: Communauté d’Agglomération de l’Auxerrois

Project Management Team: Architect + Economist (Representative): AGENCE ARCHITECTE(S) / Structures: 3IA / Fluids + HQE: BE GARNIER PHOSPHORIS / Acoustics: ACOUSTIBEL / Landscaping: BABYLONE

Mission carried out: Project management with execution studies of the lots: HVAC, Plumbing, Sanitary, Electricity, (Photovoltaic, PAC water-water, Canadian well, Passive Building)

Surfaces: 886 m²

Cost of works: € 2,850,000 excluding VAT

Schedule: November 2016 – September 2020

Awards: Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth (TEPCV) + Grand Prix for Development on Floodable Building Land (GPATIC) / Ministry of the Environment + FimbACTE selection award

Publications in newspapers: “Le Moniteur” + “Chroniques d’architecture” + “Inter’com