Conference on the development of the French environmental approach (HQE) in Chengdu

Phosphoris, Cerway and Business France are holding a conference about HQE certification in Chengdu, China

In recent years Sichuan Province has experienced strong growth and accelerated economic development. Consequently, many housing, office and other multi-activity complexes (shopping centers and leisure facilities, etc.) have been set up to meet the growing demand.

The province also wanted to integrate the respect of the environment and the concepts of green building for sustainable and energy efficient buildings into its development policy.

To do this, it has moved closer to France through cooperation agreements in the framework of large-scale projects such as the Franco-Chinese eco-district of Chengdu.

The HQE (High Environmental Quality) label, which certifies eco-responsible approaches to the construction and operation of buildings, is a concrete example of this.

It is in this context that this conference was organized: it aims to present the HQE certification and the concepts of bioclimatic construction at the level of engineering and architecture, applied to the Chinese context and more particularly of Sichuan.

It will take place on April 26th in EASYHOME conference room in Chengdu.

For further practical information, please contact France Chengdu Business : Tel.: +86 (0)28 6666 6060 – Fax: +86 (0)28 6666 6104 –

Organizers :

Phosphoris : Phosphoris China opened its offices in Chengdu in 2016 and plans to deploy in the rest of the country.

It develops the specialized brand in Climate Engineering (Fluids, Energies and HQE) of the PHOSPHORIS group, which is notably known for its concepts of Positive energy Building and Low water and energy consumption design, in particularly for Swimmig Pools, and its vision of Eco-neighborhoods. It is in this context that Phosphoris is a pioneer of French High Quality Environmental Quality in China. Phosphoris China is also focused on innovation and sustainable development in architecture and urban design, but also interior architecture.

Among its projects:

  • The Franco-Sichuan eco-district of TianFu New Area in Chengdu
  • The construction project of WisBond Investment in Jiangjin (Chongqing)
  • Chongqing Science & Technology high-capacity energy storage project
  • Project of HQE cottages in Mont Mogan, Solo Wandering

Cerway HQE : For more than 20 years, the HQE Movement has been mobilizing professionals around the challenges of sustainable development to give everyone access to a sustainable living environment.

CERWAY is the operator of the HQE ™ certification, which accompanies the involved parties internationally throughout their project.

The expert support provided by CERWAY guarantees the high environmental quality of the project. It generates progress for all concerned: designers, directors and partners, operators and users.

SAU Design : SAU design, is the architectural and urban planning department of the engineering consulting firm PHOSPHORIS.

Architects, urban planners and designers of SAU design design buildings, cities, eco-neighborhoods, campuses and parks in France and in international territories (Myanmar, Russia, China, Qatar, Morocco …) by supporting an eco-responsible approach respectful of both man and environment.

We use a site-based integrated systems approach to inform our master plans and urban design strategies. This ensures that our solutions are economically viable while being socially and ecologically responsive.

Using bio-mimicry to illuminate our solutions, we turn to the “place genius” – indigenous species, ecologies and cultures – for design inspiration, performance measures and proven resilience strategies.