Eco-neighbourhood in China for PHOSPHORIS and l’Agence Française

PHOSPHORIS, in partnership with Agence Française, is in the final of the “à la française” eco-neighborhood competition at the TianFu New Area in Chengdu (China).

For some months now, China is one of the priority markets for PHOSPHORIS internationally.

Of the many projects under study in the Chinese territory, the eco-district of Chengdu (capital of Sichuan in the West of the country) is a key step for PHOSPHORIS. A few days ago, PHOSPHORIS, with the Agence Française, was selected to compete among 3 international teams in the final.

TFNA-TianFU New Area

The total project of 1,578 km² includes a financial center, a research center and the France-Sichuan eco-district, which will eventually welcome 6 million inhabitants.

The eco-district France-Sichuan (about 1200 mu, or 80 hectares), based on a combination of French cultural elements, relies on the development of many areas: science and technology, trade, culture, Education, health, housing, etc. The project is composed of six main functional categories: industrial office parks, shopping centers with a French-style street, French educational institutions, a French residential community, a river-side recreation area, and a lavender themed park.

Agence Française

To respond to this competition, PHOSPHORIS has teamed up with Agence Française, which brings together Landscapers, Urban planners, architects, actors involved in a responsible approach, to create a unique group whose will is to contribute positively to our future living environment.

Thus, the French Agency provides expertise in spatial planning in all its forms and at all scales, a customized reflection, a singular look that characterizes the French identity.

PHOSPHORIS and Agence Française share the same requirement for the comfort of a building with regard to its energy, acoustic and economic performance, as well as to its future users who will appropriate the place better if the site is pleasant to live, well ventilated, generous in natural light, in a high quality landscaped.

Together, PHOSPHORIS and Agence Française will propose to the city of Chengdu a plan for the urbanization of the eco-district, integrating the principles of a sustainable “French” city of energy efficiency, bioclimatic architecture, etc.