MP Filter adds solutions to its technical offerings

MP Filter is an acknowledged expert in the depollution of industrial workplaces that study, design and carry out air conditioning systems for over 20 years. Aware of the changing needs of its customers, Phosphoris MP Filter enriches its expands in 2017 :

Mapping and analysis of sub-counts

Implementation of the computer interface

On-site monitoring of pollutant emissions

Analysis and recommendations for corrective actions

Continuous measurement solution for pollutants

To support the operation of our customers’ industrial sites, we offer a fully customizable SAAS (cloud) software solution. It allows to :

  • Monitor in real time or in the form of reports pollutant levels in ambient air or on workstations,
  • Control performance drifts (theoretical vs. real)
  • Analyze data and anomalies,
  • Alert when exceeding thresholds for concentrations of certain products,
  • Controlling the sustainability of facilities,
  • Presenting multi-site management,
  • Follow up on actions of health and environment respect.

For project managers (public, industrial), who also question the control and monitoring of the energy consumption of their activities, Phosphoris MP FILTER has the possibility to integrate into its solution an energy consumption control option. It allows global process management at the energy level, quantify energy savings and optimize energy contracts.

Alternative Financing Solutions

To invest without delay in professional equipment that is essential to the company’s activity and protects the health of employees, PHOSPHORIS MP Filter offers financing solutions such as rental and leasing for a period of between 4 and 7 years. These methods help preserve your cash flow, lease and lease rents are a tax-deductible operating expense. Indeed, with leasing, you benefit from off-balance sheet financing, including VAT, which helps to preserve the accounting balance of your company.

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