Senior residence, Arsenal eco-district in Dijon

This project includes the construction of 120 senior housing units, as well as 30 social housing units, a restaurant and a wellness area within the Arsenal eco-district in Dijon.

It aims at a triple certification by seeking an optimal quality of life while realizing a construction respectful of the environment with economic and ecological performances, the objectives being the following labels: RT2012, NF Habitat HQE level Excellent and Biodivercity.

These latest will be achieved through various means, for example, the heating and domestic hot water will be supplied by an urban heating network with more than 50% renewable energy, the cooling of the premises will be done by PAC AIR / WATER, a system of recovery of rainwater by storage tank and retention on the roof terrace, a welcome for the fauna favored etc.


Public developer: SPLAAD of Dijon

Project management team: Architect Representative: MAUD CAUBET / Architect Associate: ADMS Architects Structure: TEAM PARTNERS / Fluids: PHOSPHORIS GARNIER Design Office / Environment: OASIIS / Landscaper: ATELIER VOLGA / VRD (roads and other networks): 2iDF / Economist: SCB ECONOMIES

Mission carried out: Design and project management of the heating-ventilation-air conditioning, plumbing-sanitary, high and low voltage electricity lots

Surfaces (“SDP”, floor area): 8,700 m²

Cost of works: € 12,500,000 excluding VAT

Schedule: November 2018. Delivery scheduled for December 2021 (PRO/DCE phase underway)