SYCTOM waste treatment plant of Saint-Ouen

As part of the renovation of the Saint-Ouen site, a “green island” in the heart of the new eco-district, SYCTOM (the metropolitan household waste agency) wanted to optimize the plant’s performance, visual integration and pleasant sound, so that housing, offices and industrial activity could cohabit harmoniously.

PHOSPHORIS produced a 3D digital model (REVIT) and the modeling of the electrical studies of execution.

Client: SYCTOM

Project management team: BET TCE: BEA GROUPE PINGAT / PHOSPHORIS : BIM Manager

Architects: REICHEN & ROBERT Associates

Mission carried out: 3D digital model (REVIT) and realization of the modeling of the electrical studies of execution

Surfaces: 53,000 m²

Cost of works: € 60,000,000 excluding VAT

Schedule: 2019 – Delivery scheduled in 2022