The BE Garnier for the energy efficiency of the La Clusaz Aquatic Center

The A. Garnier Design Office, a subsidiary of the PHOSPHORIS group, was chosen to carry out the design and project management mission for the energy renovation of the Aravis aquatic area in La Clusaz, in particular the heat production and air treatment.

This altitude pool located in the French Alps is composed of indoor and outdoor pools for a total area of 625 m² of water, as well as a solarium and a wellness area.

The BE Garnier has been able to present relevant and effective solutions to save energy and reduce the use of fuel oil (energy currently used for heating, hot water and reheating water basins).

The proposals include: the installation of heat pumps (specifically adapted to the constraint of altitude), the repair of the watertightness of the basins, the thermodynamic dehumidification of the basin hall.

With the optimal solution, BE Garnier’s recommendations would divide water and electricity costs by two and reduce fuel consumption by up to 80%.

The A. Garnier Design Office is recognized for its expertise in aquatic centers, with numerous references and awards such as the FIMBACTE trophy awarded by the CSTB for its innovative concepts.