The HQE Phosphoris conference acclaimed Chinese building companies

Phosphoris, Cerway and Business France organized a seminar on high environmental quality, bioclimatic engineering and architecture on April 26th in Chengdu.

About 150 participants and prestigious guests from the construction sector, as well as the Consul General of France in Chengdu whose speech opened the conference.

She recalled the Chinese context (a strong growth combined now with a desire to build “better”) that confirms the legitimacy of the holding of this seminar, a 1st in the Sichuan region.

Etaient présents également :

  • Monsieur CHENG Guo, Directeur du comité de gestion de l’éco-quartier France Chine,
  • Monsieur CHE Zhijun, Président de l’association de la gestion des projets de construction de la province du Sichuan,
  • Monsieur MA Zhiqiang, Président de l’association de la promotion immobilière de la province du Sichuan,
  • Monsieur LI Weidong, Directeur Général de Chengdu Easyhome.

The public was very receptive to the different presentations of the morning, asking for details on the design of buildings that combine respect for the environment and architecture, or on the equivalence of the Chinese system “3 stars” and HQE certification. Concrete projects and technical issues were enthusiastically discussed by Chinese and French guests.

The event was a great success, proof if any were needed that the topic of sustainable construction is a topic at the heart of the concerns of the Chinese stakeholders of the City of tomorrow.