Xiong’an, the green Chinese city of tomorrow

China is committed to sustainable development and ecology, and wants to create the “green city” of Xiong’an, south of Beijing.

This Government-led project within the framework of the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region aims to ensure the extension of Beijing and its periphery, while creating “the green city of the future with Chinese characteristics and low carbon intensity“. This city of tomorrow will have the distinction of using 100% green energy and clean electricity.

In addition to being green, this city but will ensure synergy and proximity between public services: transport, housing, social life … The configuration will ensure the interconnection of urban spaces and the incorporation of the city in its natural environment according to the needs humans.

The city of Xiong’an will become a real smart city, combining new technologies and clean energies, to meet all its objectives in terms of sustainable development, social life, preservation of heritage and local culture.

Phosphoris met last week with the Xiong’an delegation to discuss the different topics surrounding the project, from conception to completion.

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